About gmcustodio

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Gloria M. Custodio grew up in a family that values education, hard work, and tenacity. Both she and her younger sister Cristina graduated first in their class from high school, travelled to Washington, DC as Presidential Scholars, and graduated with a BA Cum Laude from Harvard University. There their paths diverge; pragmatic Cristina pursued an MBA, while idealistic Gloria continued learning, exploring, and trying to figure out what would become her vocation, not just her career: teaching.

At the University of Puerto Rico Law School, Gloria was a member of the Law Review, where she published two articles. After receiving the Medal for Civil Law, graduating with honors, and passing the Puerto Rico Bar exam, Gloria became a judicial clerk for US District Court Judge Salvador Casellas, where for two years she worked on case management, research, and writing opinions. Switching from law to business, Gloria pursued her love of books and opened a bookstore, where she discovered that although literature is a passion, bookselling (and the attendant obligations of bookkeeping and labor management) is most definitely not!. After selling Castle Books, Gloria returned to the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras, where she pursued an MA in Comparative Literature; her thesis on the first Italian tragedy of the Renaissance received the highest possible grade from the MA committee and upon graduation, Gloria received an award for the graduate with the highest GPA in the Comp Lit MA program.

Throughout her life, her schooling, and her various careers in law and business, Gloria Custodio has always taught. As a high school and college student, she did cross-age and peer tutoring. As a bookseller, Ms. Custodio trained her staff and organized seminars and workshops to educate Castle Books customers; she also taught architects, engineers, and scientists how to communicate better orally and in writing. In her five years as an adjunct professor at the University of Puerto-Rico-Cayey, Gloria taught English to undergraduates at all levels, from basic up to advanced seminars of her own creation. She spent seven years as an eleventh and twelfth grade English teacher at Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas (CPN), a century-old independent all-girl ppk-12 school, where she was also a homeroom teacher and the moderator of the school’s National Honor Society (NHS) chapter. Currently, Gloria is teaching American Literature, British Literature, and AP English Language and Composition to juniors and seniors at The TASIS School in Dorado. TASIS Dorado is the sister school of The American School in Switzerland (Lugano) and in England (London). She is also an adviser to the Class of 2018, the Strivers Chapter of the NHS, the Coloring Club, and the Book Club.

All of these different teaching experiences have confirmed what Gloria long suspected: her true vocation is teaching, and her preferred level is high school, where she can form deep connections with her students and help them become successful, accomplished, joyful men and women who are ready to make their mark on the world. After many twists in her educational and career path, Gloria is committed to teaching and learning every day. She looks forward to many happy, fulfilling years teaching young  people in Puerto Rico about English, literature, and life.


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