An autobiography using food idioms

Life is a buffet (1), or so I’ve heard. Your eyes are bigger than your stomach (2) – you always pile on too much on your plate (3). Or at least, I do. I tend to want to do everything, and perfectly too, so I pile up the tasks, like an overstuffed burrito or a lasagna with way too many layers. And in the end, inevitably, there’s too much left over (5), uneaten, undone, while my belly is too full and my head is pounding.

I would love to say that the fruit of my labors (6) is ripe, juicy, and ready for picking (7) –but sometimes the grapes do wither on the vine (8), with no vintner to press them into wine. When I cook up a storm (9) and pile on the responsibilities, I tend to bite off more than I can chew (10). For a half-baked idea (11) or a best-laid plan to reach fruition (12), I must take a smaller bite –a nibble, a sip, instead of a mouthful or a gulp (13). Or else I will burn out (14). Feast or famine (15) has been my choice – either too much or not enough. It’s time to grow up, smell the coffee (16) and choose from the a la carte menu (17) – one dish at a time – instead of trying to load up on the whole buffet at once. But perhaps you’d be better off taking all this with a grain of salt (18). Most good intentions are not worth a hill of beans (19), if there isn’t actual work involved.

So I plan to shut up, settle down, and get to work. This tough cookie (20) is about to spice things up (21), one small, well-balanced plate (22) at a time.


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