Good things take time: Two videos illustrate this beautifully & effectively!

Video #1

Reflect: How long do you think it took to make Video #1?

Care to find out?

Watch Video #2

Use these two videos to show kids that good things take time –and work.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I absolutely loved it! Nowadays, many people opt for computer generated effects, but hours of work do bring to fruition fabulous results.
    This video would be useful to students so they might realize that hard work really does pay off.


  2. One has to wonder how people have so much free time to make a video using post-it notes. I haven’t watched the videos yet, but I plan to.

    Follow up random question: Did they recycle the 6,000 post-its?


  3. Great behind-the-scenes look. It goes to show you how some good things do require time and hard work.


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